Smoking Vs. Vaping THC-Is Vaping Better?

Burning the bud of a hemp plant produces consumable smoke. The bud part of the hemp plant usually has most of the THC concentration. THC smoke is highly psychoactive. In vaped THC, oil, wax, or herbs are combustible. A vaporizer device microwaves whichever variant of THC you want to consume to produce consumable steam. Here is why vaping is marginally better:

Vaping Pros and Cons

To give a verdict on the smoking vs. vaping THC debate pros and cons of each need investigation. Vaped THC is heated to temperatures below combustion to produce steam. A mouthpiece on vaping machines gets used to inhale the steam.

In THC vaping, the temperature can get adjusted and, there is lower inhalation of burning particles into your respiratory system. A strong flavor of the burning compound gets tasted when THC is Vaped. Vaping THC is more efficient because cannabinoids are extractable from dry herbs. Multiple sessions are possible from small amounts. Vaping is discrete and does not require fire.

Vaping THC is not without its disadvantages and risks. A grinder is required because only fine THC particles can get vaped. The vape machines cannot function without power and have to get charged. Learning to use vape machines properly is required because it is not as straightforward as conventional smoking. Vape machines require maintenance and are not cheap.

Smoking Pros and Cons

Smoking always comes out worse in the smoking vs. vaping THC debate mostly, due to the repercussions of cigarette smoking. Hemp buds high in THC concentration get burnt using a small fire from a match or lighter. Smoke from the buds gets inhaled to produce the high.

Smoking THC produces a more immediate effect of euphoria than vaping. Extreme temperatures foster fast cannabinoids release. It is considerably cheaper to smoke because smoking equipment is not required. Smoking THC requires no learning. It is straightforward and is of low maintenance.

Smoking THC is considered a more serious health risk than vaping due to tar and carcinogen production. The euphoria effects of smoking are less controllable. There are no doses like vape cartridges. Smoked THC has a strong odor and is less effective because everything turns ashy. The flavor of smoked THC is considerably less nuanced.


In the smoking vs. vaping THC debate, vaping appears to be a better alternative. Vaping is marginally better because tar and carcinogens are not by-products. It outrightly makes it better than smoking. In both cases, significantly hot air gets inhaled into the respiratory system. It causes extreme discomfort to the lungs and causes various respiratory problems.

Vaping THC is a better choice than smoking but, it is only less harmful. Less harmful is still hazardous. There is still a considerable risk of vaping causing some respiratory illnesses. Vaping THC is still relatively modern. The full extent of side effects is still unknown.

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