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Types of cookies

Cookies are one of the sweetest and delicious desserts in the world. They can be home-baked or ordered from a bakery store. Their sweet aroma in the kitchen is enough to make you drool, not to mention their chewy and crunchy qualities. If your friends or family members are having birthday parties or celebrating any other special occasions, you can send them some brownie bites as gifts, and you will have cheered up their day. When sending them, storage boxes are very crucial and should be selected with care. Before discussing more concerning cookies gift box delivery in the US, let me touch on some things you need to know about this delicious snack. 

Types of cookies

There are many different types of cookies, each type with other additional ingredients apart from the ordinary one floor. Furthermore, they differ by shape and how they are prepared. The types include;

Sugar cookies 

Biscotti cookies 

Macaroon cookies 

Shortbread cookies 

Chocolate chip cookies 

Oatmeal raisin cookies 

Snickerdoodle cookies 

Gingerbread cookies and

Fortan cookies.

Preparation methods

Cookies also differ in how they are prepared. For instance, rolled cookies are made with refrigerated dough that is rolled out and cut. Often they are decorated by sprinkling sugar or other treats on them. As their name suggests, drop cookies are backed by dropping spoonful of dough on the baking sheet. On the other hand, pressed cookies are made by placing dough on a cookie press and then pushed through decorative discs to create different shapes and patterns. 

Different ways of baking result in different looks and textures.  Moreover, they influence the duration of time taken for cookie gift box delivery in the US.

Health benefits 

Cookies are a major source of energy. They are also rich in proteins that help in body metabolism and cell development. In addition, they have moderate levels of potassium that improve bones strength and maintain brain health. You not only enjoy their sweetness, but you also improve health-wise.  Getting the cookies to friends via Absolute Limo Service of Vancouver is helpful.


With the rise of technology, According to Sean Brownlee, cookie gift box delivery in the US is easier and more efficient. There are many courier companies online that offer services like shipping and delivery within US. You only need one click, and they will bring your order to your doorstep. Suppose you are the one doing the delivery. In that case, you need to consider several factors, including the type of cookies being delivered, the distance and time took to transport, and the quality of packing materials where the cookies are stored. 


Like any other foodstuff, Cookies can get spoiled if mishandled or kept for a long time. Therefore delivery should be as fast as possible, and transportation means should be chosen carefully, especially for the courier companies.

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