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Fellow Urban Development Institute of Australia (FDIA)

Former President –
Southern Division – Property Council of New Zealand

Co author – Annual
Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey


+64 3 343 9944
Christchurch, New Zealand





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The Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Surveys were conceived late 2004 by Wendell Cox and myself, with the first one released early 2005.

In advocacy terms, the 'tipping point' here in New Zealand was the major Government announcement in October 2012 (some 6 years later) where the focus was to be on land supply, infrastructure financing, process and construction cost.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the central government agencies became increasingly involved with the housing issue. The then Prime Minister, John Key, replaced Housing Minister Phil Heatley with Dr Nick Smith.

Increasingly through those early advocacy years, more and more New Zealanders came on board, as credible public polling illustrates.

Come late 2012 we moved…in broad terms…from the advocacy to the implementation phase.

Unlike the (essential at the time) top down crash change process through the early 1980's, this has been a long-winded bottom-up evolutionary change process with…appropriately…public opinion in the driver's seat.

In other words…a properly functioning democracy in action.

Those outside New Zealand are often amazed how 'vigorous' public discussions are on political issues.

Increasingly since late 2012, PERFORMANCE URBAN PLANNING has evolved into an archival website that is updated around twice a year.

The purpose of this website now, is as an 'information store' for those with an interest in learning about these issues and for those involved in dealing with the political impediments providing affordable housing.