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The Housing Bubble:
The Planner’s Role and Lessons Learned
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Levittown: Expanding the American Dream
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General update - September 2020



Welcome to Performance Urban Planning

As a long term commercial development practitioner and former industry leader in New Zealand, I was approached by colleagues back in late 2004, expressing concern that the public was not being provided with sound structural information on the state of the urban housing markets within Australia and New Zealand. [more]

The Fathers of Affordable Housing

Following World War 11, after decades of earlier failed attempts by themselves and others, the Levitt brothers Bill and Alfred with their entrepreneurial genius, created the modern production construction industry we know today.

Levitt & Sons provided young single earner American families with annual household incomes of $US3,800, new starter homes for $US8,000 — 2.1 times annual household incomes. The mortgage required was 18% of the single earner annual household income.

We have paid a huge price for forgetting this history.

All involved with urban land use issues need to relearn it.

HOUSING: Up from the Potato Fields -Time 1950 Cover Story


For metropolitan areas to rate as 'affordable' and ensure that housing bubbles are not triggered, housing prices should not exceed three times gross annual household earnings. To allow this to occur, new starter housing of an acceptable quality to the purchasers, with associated commercial and industrial development, must be allowed to be provided on the urban fringes at 2.5 times the gross annual median household income of that urban market (refer Demographia Survey Schedules for guidance).

The critically important Development Ratios for this new fringe starter housing, should be 17 - 23% serviced lot / section cost - to balance the actual housing construction.

Ideally through a normal building cycle, the Median Multiple should move from a Floor Multiple of 2.3, through a Swing Multiple of 2.5 to a Ceiling Multiple of 2.7 - to ensure maximum stability and optimal medium and long term performance of the residential construction sector.

2020 16th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey

Media Release

Demographia In The News

Hugh Pavletich In The News


Access New Zealand IPSOS Issues Monitors



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Tired of the traffic hassles and back-to-work blues? Thought of moving to Christchurch to get a better life and lifestyle? That city turns out to be by far our most affordable when incomes are compared to house prices.

Down south, the house prices are low but the incomes are high and out of eight areas just surveyed throughout New Zealand, Christchurch house-buyers have by far the best deal financially. …

… read more via hyperlink above …

New Zealand's biggest social scandal - Dr Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director, New Zealand Initiative


Ipsos NZ Issues Monitor November 2019


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2 Historical Reminders…


…Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford explains . essential viewing…

. in 2 1/2 minutes on Facebook . . 1st Reading . . 2nd Reading .





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…A leading legal firm explains…

Infrastructure Funding and Financing Act 2020 implemented with Simpson Grierson's help … NZ Lawyer


The Act represents a "significant milestone" for infrastructure funding in New Zealand, the firm says

By Jacqueline So
15 Aug 2020

The government has implemented the Infrastructure Funding and Financing (IFF) Act 2020 with Simpson Grierson's help.

The firm said that the Act is "designed to support a new special purpose vehicle funding and financing model for the provision of bulk infrastructure for housing and urban development."

"It is expected to enable a number of viable bulk infrastructure projects to proceed that would otherwise be delayed by the financing and funding constraints impacting many local authorities across the country," the firm said.

Simpson Grierson said that the legislation's implementation is a "significant milestone" for infrastructure funding in New Zealand.

"The IFF model will add another tool to the funding and financing toolkits available to many local authorities," said Josh Cairns, the firm's lead partner in working on the transaction.

Cairns said that the project has become especially important, with local authority funding and financing headroom constantly being under the pump. The economic blow dealt by the COVID-19 pandemic has also amped up the pressure in many cases.

"Ultimately, the model should help local authorities to facilitate development and keep up with demand for housing, access, and services," he said.

Simpson Grierson's infrastructure team was chosen to collaborate with the Treasury and the Department of Internal Affairs on the Act in late 2018, and has been assisting in the development of the IFF program. The team will continue to provide advice on the IFF model's implementation.

Fellow partners Jonathan Salter and Simon Vannini; special counsel David Cochrane; and senior associates Mace Gorringe, Graeme Palmer and Lizzy Wiessing remain part of Cairns's team.

National Party pledges consolidation of several existing entities into a national infrastructure "bank" to provide finance and advice for central and local government infrastructure projects … Gareth Vaughan … Interest Co NZ

National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020 (NPS-UD) … NZ Ministry of Housing & Urban Development


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(The Randerson Report) Resource Management System (New Zealands Planning Law): A comprehensive review … NZ Ministry for the Environment


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The New Zealand authorities have been urged for decades to sort out land supply and infrastructure debt financing, to restore essential construction industry confidence, so that production systems ( like they have in North America and Australia ) are restored.

Back mid 2018, Generation Homes CEO Kevin Atkinson explained aspects of why the New Zealand still has the high cost and inefficient cottage building culture, and what needs to happen, to start on the path od restoring an efficient and responsive production building systems in New Zealand .

Kevin Atkinson: New ways of financing are needed to boost house building ... Kevin Atkinson OPINION ... NZ HERALD



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